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Would you like to expand your basement, convert a crawl space into a basement or other project? Rely on a qualified contractor like Béton Fondation Plus to carry out your projects.

A skilled workforce

Underpinning generally consists in solidifying the foundations of a building. This stabilizes the foundation, which may otherwise distort as a result of soil movement, for example. In addition to reinforcing the foundation, underpinning can also take the form of extending a basement or converting a crawl space.

Many built their homes with crawl spaces, which the practices of the time originally deemed safe. We now know that this presents significant risks, such as mould, damp and unpleasant odours, infestations, subsidence and deterioration of materials. Underpinning work requires specific machinery and skilled manpower. What’s more, at Béton Fondation Plus, we can also carry out work in confined spaces, for quality results!

It’s important that the contractor carry insurance specific to this type of work.

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Why should you carry out underpinning work?

This type of work is complex and requires a particular specialisation, which we are happy to offer. They have a purpose and are necessary in order to:

Restore stability and structural integrity

Reinforce building foundations

Prevent premature ageing or structural deformation

Increase building value

The main reason why we carry out underpinning work is excavation from within the basement (basement excavation / deepening foundations).

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