Pyrite Extraction

The presence of pyrite in the soil can cause numerous problems. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish to test your soil for pyrite contamination!

Pyrite Removal: An Important Issue

There was a time when pyrite used to contaminate the ground under basement floors and garage slabs in the Montreal area. This increasingly well-known mineral has the unfortunate property of swelling in the presence of moisture and oxygen. This swelling exerts pressure on the concrete slab to the point of lifting it, creating cracks and a deformed floor.

To solve this problem, we need to remove the concrete slab, extract the ground underneath and remove the pyrite. Once we complete the extraction process, we can install and properly level DB-certified (pyrite-free) backfill. Moreover, we put in place insulation along the exterior perimeter, as well as under the new slab. We add a vapor barrier and finalize the work by pouring a new slab.

We always advise removing pyrite since there are potential risks associated with this mineral.



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