Interior French Drain

Choosing Béton Fondation Plus means opting for a team that finds solutions to every problem that arises. Our team can manage every project, including those where you can’t watertight the outside of your property, and every waterproofing method.

Waterproofing From the Inside

Sometimes, waterproofing from the outside and installing an exterior French drain is not an option. Various physical reasons can cause this including lack of space, presence of a party wall, proximity of infrastructure, and much more. In these scenarios,  an interior drainage system is an effective solution for restoring a dry living environment. 

To proceed, our teams create a trench around the inside perimeter of the foundation. They then install a drain and a Delta membrane affixed to the walls. Finally, we lay a drain stone over the drain and pour concrete on the surface. A catch basin completes the process, to ensure optimal water drainage.



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