Foundation Waterproofing

Call on our expertise and know-how for all your foundation waterproofing needs. You will obtain top-quality work that will keep you dry for a long time.

A Watertight, Durable Foundation

A building’s foundation represents the strongest element in its construction. In the absence of a proper drainage system, water accumulation or cracks could cause serious damage to the structure and lead to water infiltration as well as significant financial costs. Waterproofing the foundation acts as a barrier between water and concrete, keeping you dry while extending the life of your concrete foundation.

Call on a specialized team with the know-how and equipment needed to get the job done properly and up to building code. Our objective is to provide you with a 100% watertight foundation so you can live worry-free for many years. When it comes to foundation waterproofing, choose a durable solution tailored to your needs.

impermeabilisation fondation

Proven Technology

When we carry out foundation waterproofing work, we use quality equipment and materials, which will keep you dry and offer long-lasting results..

The first step is to apply a waterproofing membrane that is specially designed for structures below ground level to prevent water infiltration. There are several types of membranes and we have selected a product that offers excellent performance, both during temperature changes as well as with different materials in order to ensure quality work and protect the structure of the building in the long term.

We then apply an additional membrane which prevents damage caused by humidity from cracks, underground structures and other problems while controlling the water flow. Composed in multi-layers, this product relieves hydrostatic pressure and offers optimal drainage performance. This process ultimately allows the water to be drained continuously, while returning it to the French drain pipes.


Frequently Asked Questions

There are several consequences linked to water infiltration, such as:

  • Appearance of efflorescence on your foundation walls
  • Deterioration of materials or deformation of the ground
  • Damage to the building envelope around the foundations
  • High humidity and mold odors
  • Appearance of mold that could lead to health risks for occupants

Take action quickly before the situation becomes too serious. This will save you a lot of headaches and significant unexpected expenses.

  • Prevents and stops water infiltration problems in foundation walls and basements
  • Prevents problems with mold and excessive humidity
  • Protects your belongings and reduces the risk of respiratory problems
  • Reduces the risk of damage to the structure of your building

Calling on specialists allows you to carry out the work with complete peace of mind. You can be confident that your family will be dry for many years!

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