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The Importance of the French Drain

A French drain system is essential for foundation longevity and the quality of a basement’s living space. It extracts any excess water that may accumulate around the house and prevents flooding. Especially during thaw periods or heavy rains.

Water accumulation can cause enormous pressure at the bottom of concrete walls. This can lead to the formation of cracks and water infiltration. That’s why a good water drainage system is essential in order to prevent foundation issues.

A French drain is also an integral part of a complex foundation drainage system. It is the element that captures and channels the water near the building. It has many benefits, such as reducing the impact on the groundwater level and hydrostatic pressures.

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Technical Sheet

  • 01Positive slope
  • 02Sealing moulding
  • 03Delta-drain membrane with geotextile
  • 04Elastomeric bituminous membrane
  • 05Delta-drain membrane with geotextile (continued)
  • 06Above-ground crack repair
  • 07Crack injection
  • 08Access chimney
  • 09Illustration of the water path
  • 10Stone field 3/4
  • 11Perforated rigid French drain
  • 12Cement cord
  • 13Catch basin
  • 14Unperforated pipe to basin
  • 15Concrete repair
  • 16Pump evacuation
  • 17Geotextile

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