French Drain Repair

When a French drain system main function is impaired, repairs are necessary. The sooner we carry out the work, the lower the risk of damage.

Act Quickly

Your French drain may need repairs if you have noticed fungi or mold in your basement or on your basement walls. This could also be the case if you notice your floors and lower walls are swollen or if your basement is very damp. In these situations, your French drain needs some maintenance work to prevent further material, financial or health damage.

If your drainage system is no longer working properly, it creates a condition that promotes premature aging of the concrete. It can also increase water pressure, which will try to penetrate through fissures or simply by capillary action. Cracks in foundation walls can lead to water infiltration, which is why it requires rapid intervention.

At Béton Fondation Plus, our teams are well versed in these operations. We have the expertise to ensure not only success, but also durability.


Signs of Defective Drains

It can be hard to tell when a French drain is in poor condition, or no longer fulfilling its primary function. It’s also one of the most important hidden defects when buying a new property. Carrying out a preventive inspection will give you an accurate idea whether or not the French drain needs repair.

Here are the possible causes of ineffective foundation drainage:

  • No exterior or interior French drain (built before the 50s)
  • Tree roots blocking, damaging or perforating pipes
  • Soil, mud and silt obstruct the ground, preventing water to flow
  • Iron ochre in the soil (gelatinous substance blocking drainage pipes)
  • Poor initial drain installation
  • Total or partial collapse of the drain
  • Deterioration of drain over time
  • End of life between 25 and 30 years


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