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Whether you need to correct foundation problems or improve living space, you can rely on the expertise of Béton Fondation Plus!

When You Need to Act Fast

A property’s foundation is what supports the entire building, so it’s important not to neglect its maintenance. Did you notice that cracks have appeared in the foundation or that the interior walls seem damp? Don’t wait to see structural integrity problems appear before taking action.

From foundation crack repairs to expansion work, it’s vital that you properly maintain your building’s foundations properly. Moreover, it’s crucial to use techniques that will make it watertight and long-lasting. At Béton Fondation Plus, we know this type of work represents a major investment for our customers. This is one of the many reasons why we carry out work that is guaranteed to last.

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Why Opt for Replacement or Extension Work?

Extending or replacing a foundation can be of great benefit to the building. More specifically, it can help to:

Preserve the building, most notably by undertaking work that increases the living area

Expand or repair the foundation and increasing the building's value

Analyze the structure and strengthen it. The key is to work with a team that possesses the methodology required to ensure the success of the work

Achievements That Speak for Themselves

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