Foundation Underpinning

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The Importance of Early Intervention

Have you recently extended the foundations, added a storey or shifted significant loads? If so, it may be necessary to carry out some underpinning work on the foundations. In this situation, it’s better to intervene quickly because of the high risk of collapse or compression of the structure. Given the complexity of this type of work, one should always act with care when it comes to underpinning works.

Underpinning is a process that consolidates the structural elements of the existing foundation to accommodate new loads or deepen existing foundations. It is a less invasive technique than external excavation, most notably used for shared foundations. In addition to reinforcing foundations, we use underpinning works to expand a basement or convert a crawl space.

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Preliminary Analysis

Before undertaking any foundation expansion work, it’s important to contact an expert to ensure you use the right method. This professional will conduct a study prior to the work in order to opt for the best technique. He or she will consider numerous factors during the study in order to guarantee the success of your project.

Here are the elements to monitor prior to starting underpinning works:

  • Environment: We analyze the subsoil in the vicinity of the foundations. This enables us to determine any problems that may arise, and whether there are any restricted areas.
  • Foundation: We analyze the existing foundation to determine its depth and condition. As this is the most important structural element, it will give us a good indication of which technique to prioritize.
  • Structure : We analyze the building’s structure to avoid serious errors in load distribution during and after the works. We pay particular attention to load-bearing elements.
  • An engineer issues an estimate.
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