Foundation Repair

Do not let major damages impact your foundation. If you notice problems with your foundation, Béton Fondation Plus is the team you need.

When You Need to Make Repairs Quickly

The foundation is the strongest part of the building. It’s important to check its condition and make sure there are no signs of deterioration. There are many reasons why foundation damages can occur. These include climatic conditions, soil movement and so on.

It’s important to carry out a visual analysis of the foundation once or twice a year. Ideally at snowmelt and before winter to identify the appearance of foundation cracks. These could be the source of mold, water infiltration or even serious structural damage. And don’t forget that the presence of fungi can seriously affect the health of occupants.

For a quick intervention and prevent damage, trust the Béton Fondation Plus teams.


Keep an Eye Out for Foundation Cracks

The causes of foundation failure are generally related to poor drainage, soil movement or water accumulation. Cracks can form and then deteriorate if they are not dealt with quickly. Over time, water infiltration, moldy odors or swollen walls can be indicators of a serious problem. If you notice these signs, you should proceed with foundation repairs without delay.

Whether active or passive, cracks in foundations require special attention. Foundation repairs have several advantages. From consolidation of adjacent problems, all the way to adjustment of elements that may have subsided, and so on. Choose Béton Fondation Plus for work done with care and attention to detail.


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