Foundation Expansion

There are many reasons to carry out foundation expansion work. Call on an expert for work carried out according to the rules of the trade.

Significant Advantages

Whether it’s to create new living space or for any other purpose, building expansion offers real advantages. First, they can help you preserve the building you already own. In addition, they increase the living space inside the house, as well as its value. However, since this type of work touches on the structure, it’s essential to choose a team of rigorous experts.

Foundation expansion is synonymous with major renovations and major worksites. The success of this type of project requires in-depth knowledge of excavation, formwork and reinforcement. Indeed, it’s crucial to ensure the new foundations drain properly, are watertight and are long-lasting. It’s also important to choose the right concrete for the job.

From excavation to expansion, Béton Fondation Plus is the expert you need!

agrandissement fondation
agrandissement fondation

Preparation Is Key!

Before starting any work, it’s imperative to learn the regulations in force in your municipality. You must also become familiar with the Building Code and the Construction Code. You’ll need to make an initial analysis of what you want to achieve and what is actually possible.

After requesting a quote, you’ll receive a detailed estimate of the stages and duration expected for your project. You’ll then need to submit documents to the city to gain the necessary permits.

You will need to clear the space before the workers arrive. We may also need to do some temporary landscaping rearrangements. We’ll come and prepare the property a few days before work begins in order to make the job site safer.


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