Basement Excavation

There are many reasons why you might want to excavate your basement. Whether you want to convert a crawl space into a basement or simply expand it, trust our team for quality work

Increase Surface Area Downwards

Basement excavation is a great solution for those with a service cellar or wishing to improve their living space. Many homeowners, especially in Montreal, undertake basement excavation work to create additional living space. This highly complex work involves digging and creating a concrete foundation beneath the existing one to extend the building.

In addition to increasing living space, this type of work also enhances property value. Moreover, the advantages of basement excavation also include the repair of foundation walls, which make them more durable. Finally, we add additional drainage elements, limiting water infiltration and other damage.


Improving Wall Waterproofing

Basement excavation work requires expertise and in-depth knowledge of soil analysis and foundation drainage. Our team assesses all accessible features of the work area to determine the best solution for your project. This is a priority for us, as faulty work can lead to cracks and water infiltration.

As we expand downwards, hydrostatic pressure will increase, which is why we prevent risks by installing an interior system. This will allow water to drain properly and flow to the chosen location. We know that this type of work represents a major investment, which is why we take your project’s success to heart!


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