Montreal & South Shore Division

For all your concrete and foundation needs, Béton Fondation Plus is your partner of choice. Contact our Montreal & South Shore division today at 514-209-8569.

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Expert Knowledge of the Field

Co-owners Eric Laquerre T.P. – General Manager, Endrick Laverrière – Sales Manager and Guy-Michel Des-Ormeaux Dubois – Team Leader of Béton Fondation Plus Montreal & South Shore offer a wide range of services to meet your foundation improvement needs and emergencies. Our team is accustomed to working in the Montreal area, and has the ability to work in locations with restricted access.

We have CCQ-qualified personnel and the equipment needed for excavation and formwork. That’s why Béton Fondation Plus can complete your projects in optimal timeframes, without the constraints of subcontracting.

Licence RBQ : 5625-7165-01

Certificate of liability available on request
All employees are competent and CCQ-certified

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Here is a list of the main services we offer

  • French drain installation
  • French drain replacement
  • Crack repair
  • Foundation waterproofing
  • Foundation replacement
  • Foundation repair
  • Foundation expansion
  • Basement excavation
  • Interior drain installation
  • Catch basin installation
  • Garage expansion
  • Staircase replacement
  • Staircase creation
  • English courtyard replacement
  • English courtyard creation
  • Exterior concrete work
  • Garage slab replacement
  • Basement slab replacement
  • Pyrite extraction
  • Concrete sidewalk work
  • Concrete driveway work
  • Concrete pouring and placing
  • Masonry correction
  • Stone and rubble repair
  • Concrete walls
  • Underpinning work
  • Restoration of building structures
  • Rock extraction

Our Montreal & South Shore division caters to a vast territory:

  • Montreal Island area
  • Longueuil
  • Brossard
  • Saint-Lambert
  • La Prairie
  • Boucherville
  • Candiac
  • Delson
  • Saint-Constant
  • Sainte-Catherine

Our Team


Éric Laquerre T.P.

General manager, co-owner and founder. Éric has been a civil engineering technologist for over 30 years. His in-depth knowledge of concrete and his management experience also make him a renowned trainer in his field.


Endrick Laverrière

Sales & customer service manager and owner. Endrick was one of the founders of Béton Fondation Plus in 2009. He has extensive on-site experience and expertise in water infiltration, expansion work and basement excavation.


Guy Michel Dubois

Team leader of the excavation division and partner. Guy Michel is an excavator operator with over 13 years' experience in excavation of all kinds. He is a seasoned site manager for all projects from basement excavation to French drain work.


Roxane Lemieux

Administrative assistant to sales and customer service. Roxane is always eager to meet customer needs. She is dedicated to the company and its customers, full of passion and always seen with a smile.


Frédérik Martin

Accounting technician and responsible for accounts receivable & accounting. Frédérik has a real passion for numbers and accounts.


Yoan Guay

Team leader of the concrete & masonry division and associate. Yoan has been part of the team for several years. He has extensive on-site experience in masonry, excavation and water infiltration. On site, he is by far the most dedicated to satisfying our customers!


Adrien Laquerre

Team leader of the formwork division and associate. Adrien is a carpenter by trade and is adept at managing and executing all types of formwork related to foundations and underpinning work. What’s more, Adrien does it all with unrivaled efficiency and precision.


Jérémie Demarson

Excavation division team leader and associate, Jérémie has been with Béton Fondation Plus for over 10 years. He is incredibly adept at handling our various excavators. He's the right man for all your excavation, waterproofing and basement access projects.